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About Me

I am a fully qualified registered practitioner & Clinical Supervisor.  My training at Leeds Metropolitan University is accredited by the B.A.C.P (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). I am a registered member of the B.A.C.P and abide by their code of ethics. The model I am trained in is the Relational Approach. This combines the analytical aspect of the Psychodynamic Approach with the warmth of Person Centred therapy.  I also consider other theories in my practice such as Transactional Analysis and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I have a wealth of experience working within the Primary Care Trust and have many  years experience working independently in private practice.


I also offer Clinical Supervision for Counselling practitioners, Mental Health Professionals and Trainee Counsellors.                                                                                    

I chose counselling as a career after receiving counselling myself following a crisis in my life. The counselling process helped facilitate my understanding of why things felt so bad and helped make sense of what was happening in my life.  It also helped me to understand why past experiences seemed to still have a powerful impact on my everyday well-being.  Just the sharing of my thoughts and feelings, was in itself, a powerful experience.  It's a slow, quiet movement from anxiety to contentment, from insecurity to confidence and from isolating depression to vital engagement with other people.  Reaching out and asking for help, when I was feeling vulnerable, enabled me to turn my life around. I know what a difference it makes to be understood deeply and consistently... without judgement.

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